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How long to water lawn with oscillating sprinkler: sprinkler’s water flow and choosing the best device for watering your lawn

Recently, many devices have appeared on the market that can be used to irrigate the site. One of them is the oscillating sprinkler. You can read more about how long to water lawn with oscillating sprinkler in this article.

What is this device?

Before proceeding to the question, of how long to water lawn with oscillating sprinkler, you should familiarize yourself with the features of the device.

An oscillating sprinkler is usually called a conventional sprinkler, which has metal levers. They rotate back and forth.

They are great for the initial watering in a large area when compared to conventional sprinklers. Therefore, there is no need to constantly move the sprinkler.

This explains the huge demand for such devices. This is often the best option for large lawns.

These devices will be appropriate if the site has the shape of a rectangle. A tube made of plastic or metal has holes and is fixed on a special stand.

It is mobile. Inside, there is an impeller that starts under the influence of water pressure.

There is a special stroke limiter that changes the direction of rotation, so the tubes can move in different directions. The arrangement of holes is carried out in one row. When the water reaches the air, it turns into small droplets. Thanks to this, uniform watering is carried out.

In the manufacture of tubes and nozzles, different materials are used. Therefore, the cost of devices is different. Devices with curved metal tubes are the cheapest. Expensive options have brass nozzles. Inside, there are notches that provide swirling water at the exit.

Therefore, it turns into small particles, which provide uniform watering lawns. If the tube is made of plastic, it is not bent. However, the location of the nozzles is carried out in different directions, so it is possible to choose the irrigation trajectory. Plastic tubes have soft plastic nozzles.

Almost all models of oscillating sprinklers are equipped with distance control, so you can limit the swing angle. There are difficulties with changing the width of irrigation. However, if you choose models of a more expensive segment, such an opportunity will appear.

This is due to the possibility of shutting off the water supply to the holes located along the edges. You can also change the direction of the water jet.

How often you must water your lawn?

Quite often, people wonder, how do you water your lawn with oscillating sprinklers? Determine the frequency of watering based on where you live. On average, the frequency of watering should be 1 time per week, with a duration of 1 hour. If you live in humid and temperate zones, you can increase the interval.

If you live in a region with a dry climate, watering lawns will have to be carried out much more often. After all, the soil will dry out much faster.

How to check soil moisture that gets your lawn with an oscillating sprinkler?

To understand how often you need to water your lawn, you should monitor the level of soil moisture. Often, there are several methods for this, which will be discussed below.

With soil sampling tube

This method is popular due to its simplicity. You need to stick a soil sampling tube into the ground to take a sample. If moisture has penetrated less than 2 inches, leave watering for another 1 hour.

Rain gauge

You can also use a special device called a rain gauge. The main purpose of a rain gauge is to determine the amount of precipitation and the norm for your region.

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Factors affecting the duration to water your lawn with an oscillating sprinkler

To determine the exact timing for watering, several factors should be considered. We will talk about them further.

Water flow

Before using a device, the water flow must be determined. To determine water flow, you need to put banks throughout the site. They should be at an equal distance from each other.

Start the device, and wait a quarter of an hour. Then use a ruler to measure the amount of water in each container.

This will give you an idea of ​​how many inches of water are coming out. Calculate the average value based on all cans, then multiply the resulting value by 4.

This will give you an idea of ​​how much water the sprinkler uses per hour. Therefore, you will know exactly how long you need to keep it on.

Watering depth

You need to water grass and keep the soil moist for 1-2 inches per week. If the sprinkler uses about 1 inch of water per hour, 1 hour of weekly watering is sufficient. The first time, you should check the soil using a tube.

This will make sure that if you water your lawn, the moisture can penetrate deep into the soil.

If a special tube was not found, you can use a regular metal wire or another tool with a sharp tip. Press it into the ground, and reach the dry part of the ground. This will give you an idea of ​​how wet the soil is.

If dryness is observed by 1 inch, water the area again for another 1 hour. If you water your lawn, this allows the water to penetrate another 1 inch. Remember that frequent and shallow watering will provoke the formation of short grassroots.

Device selection

When it comes to choosing a device, many people have difficulties. However, there are several important parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing. More about them will be discussed below.

Spray range

If you water your lawn, try to choose devices that spray water over long distances. And it is best to opt for models in which you can adjust the flow rate.

Thanks to this, you will independently change the spray, based on your needs.

Irrigation scheme

Before proceeding with the purchase, you should understand and study the irrigation scheme. Even templates for users are allowed.

If possible, check for adjustment tabs on the crossbar. Therefore, you can change the width of the spray mode.

Build quality

If you water your lawn using new oscillating lawn sprinklers, the devices must be properly assembled. After all, its performance and durability depend on it.

Most oscillating sprinklers are made of cheap plastic. Due to the lack of a UV-resistant coating, the device must be constantly looked after.

It should not be left in the sun for a long time because this can cause damage. Choose sprinklers that are resistant to different environmental conditions.

If you plan to water your lawn, it is better to choose metal devices because they are not affected by corrosion and rust.


If you want to water your lawn, you need to take a device that will fit the size of your garden hose. This will avoid disappointment, as well as the need to purchase special adapters.

How to water lawn with an oscillating sprinkler: the features of reliable device

There are various types of oscillating sprinklers on the market. If you decide to water your lawn, you must know more about these devices.


This is the best option if you prefer an automatic watering system. Inside there is a stationary water supply. If the device is non-working, you will not even notice it. They are located a little underground.

As soon as the water starts to flow, the devices will rise above the ground. As soon as watering is completed, they will return to their original position. It should be noted that such devices need to be constantly cleaned because various impurities contained in the water will accumulate inside.


Such options need to be placed above the ground, so they practically do not clog. Suitable for watering a specific area or area.

Why is the sprinkler not moving?

Quite often, users face the problem when the device does not oscillate. This often happens when the water pressure is low. After all, it is not enough to start the cylinder or rod for distribution. Therefore, the movement of the oscillating sprinkler will be quite soft and slow.

To correct the situation, you will need to carefully study the operating instructions for the device.

So you can understand what to do if the pressure is very low or high. To prevent overpressure, turn off the tap and check the intensity of the pressure.

If the pressure is small, you will have to find special, smaller oscillating sprinkler systems or pressure regulators. You can find it in special stores that sell plumbing equipment.

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Oscillating sprinkler adjustment

If you bought a new device, it will need to be adjusted. Sprinklers, which are installed above the ground, are fixed to the garden hose. They may have double or single rings for adjustment.

How much to water 1 inch: sprinkler’s average hourly output

Often users ask the question, how long should I run an oscillating sprinkler for, or, how long does it take to water 1 inch with a sprinkler?

On average, the water output of sprinklers is such that they water 1 inch of soil in just 1 hour. Therefore, it will be necessary to set watering every week for 1 hour.

How much water does an oscillating sprinkler use?

On average, devices consume about 12 gallons of water per minute. Therefore, within 3 hours they consume about 2160 gallons of water.

There are 15 feet of water in each direction.

How long does it take to water 0.5 inches?

Quite often, the question arises, how long should I water my lawn with a rotating sprinkler?

You can check this with the help of special cans or plastic containers that are placed throughout the site. After that, you should start the device for 30 minutes, and measure the water level in the tanks.

Often half an hour is enough to water half an inch of soil.

If you water your green lawn for half an hour three times a week, you can moisten it by 1 inch. This is a pretty good option if the soil is healthy and well-cultivated.

What to do if the edges of the lawn are dry after watering

Often after watering, you will notice that the lawn is dry at the edges. In such cases, you should additionally use a hose, and water manually. You can also use an oscillating sprinkler, which has a large radius of action.

It is also possible to change the angle of operation of the oscillating sprinkler. This allows dry areas to be better watered.

You can also increase the watering time or use devices equipped with a timer. Therefore, you do not have to constantly monitor the on and off watering.

Advantages and disadvantages of the oscillating sprinkler

As you know, each device has its pros and cons. The advantages and disadvantages of an oscillating sprinkler will be discussed in more detail below.


Of the main advantages of the device, it should be noted:

  1. The device is suitable for those who rent housing. After all, you do not have to install expensive irrigation systems for the site.
  2. Feature better water distribution, so you can control the width and length of the water jet.
  3. Uniform distribution of water, so dry spots are practically not formed.
  4. Saving water, that’s why the lawn will not be flooded.
  5. Ensuring gradual infiltration of water into the soil.
  6. Possibility of application in large areas.
  7. Possibility of combination with standard hoses.
  8. Ability to adjust the power and range of the sprinkler.

It should also be noted that the devices simplify the process of watering. You do not need to spend time manually watering the area. It is enough to start the device and turn it off after the specified time. Devices help to save water, and also differ in high quality of work. After all, the area is irrigated evenly.

The devices are durable and reliable, as high-quality materials are used in their manufacture, ensuring the durability of the system. Therefore, you do not have to spend money on new devices every year. Installation of such an irrigation system is quite simple and fast. You can do it yourself, without the help of a master.


Oscillating sprinklers have some disadvantages. It should be noted that compact devices will not be able to moisten the entire area. Therefore, you will have to manually rearrange them. Often, devices move on their own, for no reason. This may be due to the games of animals, or your inattention.

Quite often, devices are displaced due to strong water pressure. Another disadvantage is that the water can be carried much further by the wind, so it can dampen the laundry or appliances in the yard. Oscillating sprinklers evaporate water faster. Also, water can drain into the street, wasting water and your funds. Other disadvantages include:

  1. High cost. You will have to spend money on the purchase of oscillating sprinklers. However, the device lasts a long time, so it will pay off in a few years.
  2. The need for proper care. You will have to inspect the devices regularly, as well as clean the nozzles. You also need to monitor the cleanliness of the parts responsible for filtering water.
  3. The need for winter conservation. Before winter, drain the water and install special valves. This will extend the life of the system.
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Watering rules

On average, you need to water the site once a week. However, it is important to continue to focus on the climate and weather conditions. If you want to save water, it makes sense to water in the morning. The soil will not be hot, so the water will seep in instead of evaporating.

After all, under the influence of sunlight on the grass, burns will not appear.

It is best to check the condition of the entire lawn after each watering to prevent dead spots. After all, even high-quality and timely watering will not be able to fix this.

I recommend that you also read up on the best way to water lawn without sprinkler system.

How much water is required?

Most of the grasses that grow in the green lawn need 1-2 inches of moisture. These are the recommended rates for the week. Many mistakenly think that this wasting water should be within a week. However, it is not. Water distribution should be carried out once a week.

If the region is dominated by sandy soil, watering can be done 2 times.

This will help develop strong roots. Therefore, the grass on the site will be healthy. Most of the oscillating sprinklers available water the area at 1 inch per hour. Therefore, watering should be carried out 1-2 times a week for 1 hour, depending on weather conditions.

If the lawn is not yet fully rooted, you can increase the frequency. However, it is important to focus on how much the grass grows stronger. In this case, you can water the area twice a week for 30 minutes. If there is a severe drought in the region, you can increase the number of watering to 4 per week for 30 minutes.

It is important that water penetrates deep into the roots and saturates the plants. If this is not done, the grass will dry out and the site will not be as attractive as you would like. Over time, the entire lawn will become stronger, so you can return to the classic watering pattern.

I recommend that you also read up on the grass seed germination temperature chart.


How long does it take to get an inch of water from an oscillating sprinkler?

On average, the water output of sprinklers is such that they water 1 inch of soil in just 1 hour. Therefore, it will be necessary to set watering every week for 1 hour.

How much water does a sprinkler use in 1 hour?

On average, devices consume about 12 gallons of water per minute. Therefore, within 1 hour they consume about 720 gallons of water.

Is an oscillating sprinkler efficient?

These devices simplify the process of watering. You do not need to spend time manually watering the area. It is enough to start the device and turn it off after the specified time. Devices help to save water, and also differ in high quality of work. After all, the area is irrigated evenly.

How many minutes is deep watering?

You need to water grass and keep the soil moist for 1-2 inches per week. If the sprinkler uses about 1 inch of water per hour, 1 hour of weekly watering is sufficient. The first time, you should check the soil using a tube.


As you can see, watering with oscillating sprinklers is quite simple. It can be installed for uniform watering of the site and forgotten. The device will do everything. The main thing is to turn it off after 1 hour so as not to over moisten the area.

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